Racing Boy 220mm Rear Brake Disc (R300) - Yamaha Crypton T135 / Z125

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Shipping weight: 1.00 kg

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Okay, so your bike has a rear disc brake. What then? Of course you can swap it out for this stylish slotted/drilled wavy petal rotor! Specially made for the Yamaha Crypton Jupiter MX/Crypton X/Spark/Exciter/Sniper 135, and the 2-stroke Yamaha Z125 models with 220mm rear disk brake, this can also be fitted to a wide range of underbones/mopeds with a rear wheel swap. Caliper brackets are also available for this model if you need one.

*Due to the large variety of designs across models, some designs/colors will need to be specially ordered and will take some time to be delivered. We will contact you if the style/color you want is not available or having delays.*

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