AHM SPR Stainless Steel Exhaust - Kawasaki Ninja ZX150RR

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The AHM Racing SPR is a premium lightweight Stainless Steel performance exhaust. No cutting corners on the creation of this exhaust, each section of this exhaust system is crafted with beautiful individual titanium TIG welds and has bluing throughout the piping, expansion chamber and muffler, finished with a low reflection brushed sanded texture. Possibly the ultimate exhaust system modification for your bike. A must have for people who give mad attention to detail. Carbon fiber end mufflers are also available separately in a few colors.

Fits the 2-stroke Kawasaki Ninja ZX150RR/KRR150 (KIPS). Included with the muffler and piping are all the nuts, bolts and accessories you will need for installation.

**This item may have a longer ordering time than usual due to limited production availablity. ***

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