Transparent Clear Clutch Cover - Yamaha Fz150i Vixion


This fancy show piece for your Yamaha is a must have for cosmetic engine upgrades. The 4 inch wide acrylic window pane on this clear clutch cover will display your clutch spinning in full glory. Looks even nicer if you have a sports clutch kit installed. Build quality is decent, black paint finishing is average but presentable. Comes with colorful washers and fits the Yamaha R15, R125, MT-15, MT-125, WR15I, WR125 and other models that use the same type of engine clutch cover.

Unfortunately it does not fit Yamaha T135 underbone models. Please compare with your engine clutch cover design before getting this!


Fitting (other):

Yamaha Fz150i Vixion, R15, R125, MT-15, MT-125, M-Slaz, WR125, WR125X, WR125R, Rieju Marathon 125, RS3 125, Husqvarna SMS4/SMR 125


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