Espada Racing Cylinder Head - Yamaha Fz150i Vixion (24in/22ex)

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The Espada Racing cylinder head kit has larger valves for better intake and exhaust air flow over stock, helping your engine flow better on the intake and exhaust side. Comes with matching valves and higher lift camshaft so you don't need to spend more time finding a matching set.

This performance cylinder head is suitable for riders who want a little more power from their engine without hurting their wallets. Recommended if you already have a big bore kit or plan to upgrade to one. Ports are stock diameter. We recommend you to further widen and polish the Intake and Exhaust ports for better performance!


Fitting: Yamaha Fz150i Vixion



  • Cylinder head
  • Camshaft & cam bearing
  • 2x Intake and 2x exhaust valves (24in/22ex)
*head gasket not included! *You can reuse the stock valve retainers, caps, springs for this kit.

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