Kick Starter Conversion Kit - Yamaha R15/Fz150i/T150

4.50 kg
No tax

Kick starter addition kit with Yamaha factory parts, allows you two methods to get your bike running again as quickly as possible. Applicable for certain Yamaha models without kick starter Does not affect electric start functionality.

 * Part 2PV-E7402-00 (DRIVE AXLE) for this kit is optionally used only on some models *



Yamaha YZF-R15 V1 V2/ R125/MT-15/MT-125/WR125/ Fz150i Vixion (Non-VVA)

Yamaha Y15ZR/Jupiter MX King/Spark/Exciter/Sniper MXi/ T150

Yamaha Fz150i Vixion


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