Proliner SR2 Exhaust System - Yamaha Fz150i Vixion

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Proliner exhausts are cheap but will do a great job for budget enthusiasts and will put a smile on your face either way. The lightweight muffler is of good quality, with piping made using high quality 304 stainless steel with TIG welds and brushed finish. This exhaust has a larger, consistent piping diameter over stock and widens up to 40mm at the muffler mouth. This exhaust will give you better flow compared the stock header and pipe setup. Recommended for both stock and modified engines.

The SR2 muffler is an improved version of the SR1, features the same round aluminum muffler finished with a durable powder spray black/silver coating, with a better quality sharp edge stainless end cap compared to the SR1. The muffler hanger bracket comes with a rubber strap. A sound suppressor/silencer is included with this model.


  • Muffler diameter 40mm
  • Header size 30mm


Includes: Exhaust piping and muffler Exhaust bracket and spring



Yamaha Fz150i Vixion


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