Faito Close Ratio Racing Gearbox - Wave 110

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Shipping weight: 2.00 kg

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When you want quick acceleration, our selection of close ratio gearbox transmissions from Faito Racing should do the trick, you just can't go wrong. With excellent Taiwanese build quality and precision engineering and, this complete gearset will ensure reliable,smooth and quiet operation through it's lifespan. The race proven gearbox ratios have been tried and tested through countless times so you don't need to go and figure out for yourself. Suitable for circuit racing or going crazy on the streets. Fits the Honda Wave 110 /Wave RS/RSX/Dash underbone mopeds.

We have a selection of additional individual gears should you need to modify or change to different ratios to your liking

Gearbox Ratio (Counter shaft / Front Sprocket Shaft):

1st gear (14T / 34T) = 0.412

2nd gear (18T / 28T) = 0.643

3rd gear (21T / 25T) = 0.840

4th gear (22T / 23T) = 0.956

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