ARacer/UMA Racing M5 ECU - Yamaha T150 (non-VVA)

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This Bluetooth enabled programmable ECU is a co-product of UMA Racing and Aracer. Taiwanese brand Aracer has a big following in Asia mainly known for their engine computer tuning ECUs.

The UMA racing M5/ ARacer RCMini 5 is a full standalone ECU/ECM for your motorcycle or scooter. Pair with your smart phone for tuning on the go. You can monitor and fully change many engine parameters. Required if you have a big bore kit and other racing engine parts!

Includes B-link module for Bluetooth connection to Apple/Android smartphones, use your phone to monitor engine parameters as well as tuning on the go. The 'UMA Tune/Aracer Smart' App is available for download for free on the Apple/Google play store. You can visit or for more info.




  • Similar to Aracer RC Mini 5
  • Stock engine with RCMini5 ECU can increase 10-15% power
  • 3D fuel map, ignition timing, fuel in acceleration, fuel cut in deceleration, idle rpm...etc can be adjusted by phone
  • Meets IP67 waterproof standards
  • Remove factory RPM limit, user defined max RPM limit
  • Use together with AF1 AFR module for close loop fuel correction/monitoring
  • Unlock factory RPM limit, user defined max RPM limit



Yamaha Y15ZR/Jupiter MX King/Crypton X/Spark/Exciter/Sniper T150 (non-VVA)

Yamaha YZF-R15 V2/MT-15/Fz150i Vixion V2(2014-17) (non-VVA) (For version 1 ECU)


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