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UMA Racing M9 ECU - Yamaha Y15/T150(V1)/Jupiter MX King/Spark/Sniper

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Introducing UMA Racing M9 ECU: Unleash the Power of Next-Gen 4-Core MCU! Elevate your ride with UMA Racing M9 ECU – Your Ultimate Performance Upgrade!

The UMA racing M9 is a full standalone ECU/ECM for your motorcycle or scooter. Pair with your smart phone for tuning on the go. You can monitor and fully change many engine parameters. Required if you have a big bore kit and other racing engine parts!

The 'UMA Tune/Aracer Smart' App is available for download for free on the Apple/Google play store. You can visit https://umaracing.com/product/m9-ecu/ for more info.




  • Experience 2x Faster Computing Speed
  • Auto Tune for Precision Performance
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Seamless Wireless Connectivity via UMA M9 Apps
  • Effortlessly Refine Fuel Tuning and Adjust Fuel Settings
  • Enjoy Plug & Play Convenience.



Yamaha Y15/T150(V1)/Jupiter MX King/Spark/Sniper


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