Cardinals Racing CNC Alloy 360 Rotatable Carburetor Manifold - Universal/KLX110/TTR110

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If you need a performance carburetor intake manifold for your bigger intake mods while looking fancy, this Cardinals Racing piece is something to consider. Available with a straight or 20 degree angled manifold adapters. The many holes drilled into the adapter base will allow you to rotate the carburetor position to your liking. Made from CNC machined billet aluminum, anodized in a few colors.

Angled 20 degrees for Modenas Kriss, GT128/135, Kawasaki KSR/KLX110, YX150/YX160 and ZongShen 160cc pitbike engines that have angled intake manifold cylinder head ports.

*We may not have all the colors available for this item at all times. We will contact you if the color you seek is not available or having delays*


  • Intake manifold inner diameter: 26mm
  • Adaptor plate inner diameter: 24mm
  • Mounting distance on cylinder head: 45mm
  • Carburetor hose diameter: 33mm


Fitting (other):

Universal fit for most horizontal single cylinder engines, underbones and mopeds.

Kawasaki Joy/Modenas Kriss 110/120/125, GT135/GT128

Kawasaki KLX 110, KSR 110

YX150/YX160, ZongShen 160cc pitbike engines

...and many more

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