Cardinals Racing Lightweight CNC Magneto Flywheel - Suzuki Raider 150r/FX125

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Replace your standard magneto/stator with a Cardinals Racing CNC machined alloy lightweight magneto flywheel for your motorcycle. Highly recommended for racing applications and crazy people to race on the road.

Fitting this lightweight magneto flywheel replacement will remove alot of rotating mass in your engine by lightening the crankshaft assembly, making it rev up much faster. The engine will have faster throttle response, which is useful for racing. However, you will lose the charging function of the alternator/stator unit, and will need to charge your battery manually and use kick starter only.

Recommended to be used together with the Cardinals Racing Magneto block off engine dry plate for a complete look.



Suzuki Raider 150R/Satria FU150/Belang/FX125/FXR150


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