Cardinals Racing CNC Triple Tree & Clip On Handlebars (Matte) - Yamaha Fz150i Vixion New


The Cardinals Racing CNC Billet alloy aluminum upper fork clamp / triple tree and clip on handlebars set will make your motorcycle look fabulous and unique! The handlebars will give you a lower more tucked in aggressive riding position as well. This item is designed to fit the Yamaha Fz150i Vixion (2014-) motorcycle models, and is available in a few colors.

*We may not have all the colors available for this item at all times. We will contact you if the color you seek is not available or having delays*


  • handle length:
  • handle size 22mm:
  • handlebar height:


Fitting (other):

Yamaha Fz150i Vixion (2014-)


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