UMA Racing IMC Digital CDi - Honda C100 (w/o Controller)

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Delimit your engine RPM and get more powerrr with the UMA Racing IMC Digital Wide Band Cdi! There are preprogrammed 4 Ignition map settings (Stock, Stage 1, 2, 3) and for each map setting you can advance or retard the ignition (-4 to +4, 9 degrees of adjustment) to suit your tuning. English operation and setting manual is included with comprehensive explanation. Many videos available on Youtube as well. Plug and play for the Honda Cub 100/Wave 100/Dream/Astrea/Citi/Supra/Biz

This Cdi does not come with the controller; you may buy the basic or advanced control unit separately to fully use this Cdi for maximum performance potential.

Details: Operation Voltage: 9v-18v RPM limiter range: 9000-15000rpm Ignition timing range: -4 to +4 Degrees Map range: 4 preset maps to choose from. Custom maps available with the Advanced controller unit.

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