Cardinals Racing Manual Timing Chain Tensioner - Modenas Kriss / Kawasaki KLX110 KSR

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The Cardinals Racing Aluminum Manual Camshaft Timing Chain Tensioner may look simple, but functional none the less. This CNC billet aluminum timing chain tensioner also comes anodized in a selection of fancy colors.

A manual timing chain is required if your motor uses a stroker crankshaft kit, or thick block gaskets which uses a longer timing chain. This adjustable cam chain tensioner is a replacement for the original spring loaded cam chain tensioner, and extends to a maxiumum of 50mm.

*We may not have all the colors available for this item at all times. We will contact you if the color you seek is not available or having delays*



Screw hole distance - 42.5mm

Modenas Kriss 110/120/125

Kawasaki Joy 110/120/125

Kawasaki KSR/KLX110, YX150/YX160 and ZongShen 160cc pitbike engines


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