Racing 180cc Fuel injector for Yamaha Fz150i/Vixion/R15 (2008-14)

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With a modern fuel injector system, instead of just changing to a larger carburetor, you need to change your fuel injector, throttle body and do a ECU tune up upgrade which may be a very costly modification. To prevent your wallet getting even lighter, you can try out these generic brand fuel injectors. Cheap but functional and bigger than the stock injectors, useful for light bore up cylinder block kits. Visually build quality seems good, almost comparable to Japan made injectors.

Rated for 160cc/min output, can support up to 31hp at 90% output.

Plug and play for older Yamaha YZF-R15/YZF-R125/Fz150i/Vixion engines, there is also an new design available if your bike is using that type. Please inspect first before buying!


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