Racing Boy Adjustable Monoshock Absorber (DB) - Kawasaki KLX 150

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The racingboy monoshock absorbers are a good upgrade from the factory standard units, with adjustable damping and stiffness/preload settings to suit your weight and track conditions. Will make your bike feel stable around corners and reduces swaying of the rear end during high speed cornering, especially compared to the old factory standard shock. Each monoshock absorber is specifically made to fit the bike model it was designed for.

DB series are top of the range gas shocks with an external nitrogen gas tank, along with a 14mm damper piston. Adjustment settings include fast/slow damping rebound adjustment, spring hardness/preload and the pressure of the gas tank. Comes with a metal hanger bracket for the external gas tank.


Kawasaki KLX 150 /125 / 150L / 125L


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