Shark Racing 5 Spring Sports Clutch - Honda RS150R/Winner/Supra/Sonic/ CBR150/CB150R (2016-)/CB125R (2021)

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Upgrade your clutch to support high power modifications with a good clutch kit. Fitting a sports/performance clutch kit will convert your existing clutch to a tougher 5 spring unit to handle increased torque and acceleration. Experience less slip and quicker pickup from a standing start. It also looks beautiful with its polished steel surface. Increases clutch weight compared to the original unit. You can reuse your original clutch pads or buy sports clutch plates here. We have a small selection of different grade clutch plates/pads available for your needs.

Please compare clutch plate measurements with our product photos before purchase.


  • Includes Clutch basket/bell housing
  • Clutch pressure plates
  • Clutch springs



Fitting (other):

Honda CBR150R (K45G)/CB150R (2016)

Honda CB125R (2021)

Honda RS150R/Winner/Supra/GTR150/Sonic (2016)


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