UMA Racing Clutch Pulley Assembly - Yamaha Mio

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A very much improved Koso/UMA Racing Variator kit for the Yamaha Mio/Ego/Luvias/Fino 110/115/125 scooter (NON-Liquid Cooled). The clutch pulley assembly has a larger diameter over the standard set that allows for a wider belt-shifting range to create greater torque at low RPMs and increase the range of belt-shifting at high RPMs. The steep angle ramp face plates, allow for faster and smoother engagement at all speeds, and allow higher speeds for a lighter roller weight. Roller groove design improves acceleration time and makes the most use of the engines torque sweet spot.

Included are a set of 18x14/10g pulleys. We also stock some different weights for you to play with to tune your transmission to your riding style. Lighter roller sets will give you quicker acceleration and a longer time in lower gear ratio but it will require higher RPMs to reach a higher ratio.


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