MVR1 Racing Radiator (RC) (350cc) - Honda RS150R/Winner/Supra/GTR150/Sonic

1.40 kg
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MVR1 Racing (RC type) aluminum big capacity radiator helps to increase reliability of big bore cylinder kits and other racing modifications. Thicker fins and more coolant capacity for better heat dissipation! Also useful for summer/hot weather use and for racing applications. Plug and play unless stated.

For CBR and CB models custom bracket work will be needed, hoses routing changed to fit as sourced from another model.


  • Capacity: ~350ml
  • For Coolant Hose Size: 18mm
  • Overflow Hose Size: 6mm



Honda RS150R/Winner/Supra/GTR150/Sonic (2016)

NOT PLUG & PLAY below -

Honda CBR150R (K45G)/CB150R (2016)

Honda CB125R (2021)


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