Cardinals Racing Forged Connecting Rod Kit - Yamaha R15/Fz150i Vixion

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Upgrading to a racing connecting rod (Conrod) is highly recommended when modifying your engine with a bore up kit/crankshaft stroker kit. Cardinals Racing forged billet connecting rods are durable enough to handle most competition engine upgrades. Can be used with extreme bore up kits + stroker kits.



  • Length/pitch (center-center): 100mm
  • Crank pin (Small): 14mm
  • Crank pin (Big): 35mm
  • Rod width (Small): 15.8mm
  • Rod width (Big): 15.8mm
Includes end Roller Bearing And Crankpin OEM Part number - 3C1-E1651-11, 3C1E16501, 38BE165100



Yamaha YZF-R15/R125/WR125/MT-15/MT-125/M-Slaz/Fz150i Vixion

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