Espada Racing Cylinder Head (23in/20ex) - Honda RS150R/Winner/Supra/GTR150/Sonic

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Install the Espada Racing cylinder head kit with big valves for improved intake and exhaust air flow over the factory cylinder head. Recommended if you already have a big bore kit upgrade.

This set includes cylinder head and valve only, no camshafts included.

  *Minimum piston size 57mm* 


  • Cylinder head
  • Intake and exhaust valves
  • Valve springs
  • Valve spring retainers
  • Valve stem seals
  • Valve cotters
  • Rocker arm shaft




Honda CBR150R (K45G)/CB150R (2016)

Honda CB125R (2021)

Honda RS150R/Winner/Supra/GTR150/Sonic (2016)


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