CMS Racing Adjustable Camshaft Timing Gear w/Decomp. - Yamaha

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CMS Racing adjustable Camshaft timing gears allow you to set ignition timing with a range of +-5 degrees easily. Comes with decompression function for easier starting, more practical for street use.

An adjustable camhaft gear will allow you to move the powerband up or down in the RPM range without using a mappable Cdi/ECU, and allows for easy ignition timing tuning to suit your specific riding requirements. As a general rule, to improve bottom end power we advance the timing, and retard timing to move power to top end RPM. 


Please note that certain parts have a limited production quantity. We will provide equivalent quality aftermarket racing brand if unavailable.




Yamaha T135 Jupiter MX/Crypton X/Spark/Exciter/Sniper/LC135

Yamaha YZF-R15 V2/MT-15/Xabre/M-SLAZ

Yamaha YZF-R125/MT-125/WR125X/WR125R

Yamaha FZ150i Vixion (2014-18)

Yamaha Y15ZR/Jupiter MX King/Spark/Exciter/Sniper/T150

Yamaha YZF-R15V3/XSR155/MT-15/WR155 (VVA)

Yamaha YZF-R125/MT-125 (VVA)

Yamaha Y16ZR/Jupiter MX King/Exciter/Sniper T155

Yamaha NVX155 NVX125/Aerox 155

Yamaha NMAX 125 155 (VVA)

Yamaha X-MAX/S-MAX 125 155 (VVA)

Yamaha Zuma/BWS 125 (VVA)

Yamaha Tricity 125 155 (VVA)


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