Cardinals Racing Close Ratio Gearbox + Extra 1st - Yamaha T135 (4SP Semiauto)

1.75 kg
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Cardinals racing Close ratio gearboxes feature solid build quality and precision machining of gear sprockets. This gearbox should give you shorter and closely spaced ratios than the standard unit, giving quicker acceleration and to keeping the engine in it's powerband longer.

The race proven gearbox ratios have been tried and tested on track so you don't need to figure out for yourself. Taller first gear and lower overall top gear. Suitable for drag or circuit racing, not so much for standard engines.

This gearbox includes an extra first gear ratio set for an even taller first gear.

    Gearbox Ratio (Counter shaft / Front Sprocket Shaft):
  • 1st gear (14T / 35T) = 2.285
  • 2nd gear (16T / 28T) = 1.611
  • 3rd gear (20T / 25T) = 1.238
  • 4th gear (22T / 22T) = 1.000
  • w/extra : 1st (14T / 30T) = 2.142


Yamaha LC135/Jupiter MX/Crypton X/Spark/Exciter/sniper/T135 (4SP Semiauto)


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