Espada Close Ratio Racing Gearbox - Yamaha Z125/125z

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When you want quick acceleration and to keep your engine in it's peak powerband, you can find a suitable one from our selection of close ratio gearbox transmissions. Espada racing gearboxes feature reliable Taiwan build quality and precision machining of its hardened steel gears. This complete gear set will ensure smooth operation throughout its lifespan. As usual for racing gear ratios, it has a taller first gear and closer spaced ratios for maximum use of the engines power band. Includes the mainshaft and counter shaft with circuit tested gear ratios so you won't need to figure it out for yourself.
    Gearbox Ratio (Counter shaft / Front Sprocket Shaft):
  • 1st gear (15T / 30T) = 0.500
  • 2nd gear (21T / 31T) = 0.677
  • 3rd gear (20T / 25T) = 0.800
  • 4th gear (22T / 24T) = 0.916
  • 5th gear (23T / 23T) = 1.000
  • 6th gear (27T / 25T) = 1.080


Yamaha Z125/125zr


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