Cardinals Racing Throttle Body (38mm) - Honda CBR150/CB150R (2016-)/CB125R (2021)

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Cardinals Racing throttle bodies have a smooth polished internal surface to further improve your engine air intake flow. Performance throttle body upgrades are important for EFi Fuel injected motorcycles, just like carburetors were for older bikes. If you have a big bore kit or cylinder head/big valve upgrade to your motor, this is a must for supporting mods.

For CBR150/CB150R models, you will need to reuse and port the stock intake manifold together with this racing throttle body.

Available in sizes - 32mm, 34mm, 36mm, 38mm




Honda CBR150R (K45G)/CB150R (2016)

Honda CB125R (2021)

Honda RS150R/Winner/Supra/GTR150/Sonic (2016)

OEM Part number - 16400-K56-N01 - THROTTLE BODY ASSY.


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