Kawasaki Ninja 250R/300R/Z250 Wide Rear Rim Conversion

7.80 kg
No tax

This is a plug and play wide wheel conversion for the Kawasaki Ninja 250R/300R and Z250/Z300 sportbikes. This cast alloy mag rim will allow you to fit a fatter tyre easily without needing to change swingarms or use a conversion kit. Bolts right up to standard rear sprocket and brake disc. We recommend fitting a 160/60/R17 size tyre! or a maximum of 170/60/R17.

Current stock does not include the inner spacer and bearings now. You will need to re-use the original ones.

Minor paint chips may occur during transportation. We have no control over how shipping is handled however we will try our best to package them securely. 

Rim weighs 6.4kg

5.0 inch width


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