YSS Shock Absorber (MZ-300mm) - KTM Duke 200/390

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Thai manufacturer YSS produces a wide range of TUV/MOT Certified Motorcycle, scooter & automotive springs and shocks, the suspension units we have are all made in Thailand. We carry an assorted range of aftermarket YSS sports suspension bits for a few variety of bikes. Makes a big improvement to your ride compared to stock feel at a reasonable price. Carry passengers and take corners quicker with more confidence with these stiffer shock absorbers.

We have a limited range of YSS shocks, but measurements are provided should you maybe want to use this for a custom project.

Please note that some of these shocks may have a limited production quantity. We will inform you if the item you want is out of stock after purchase.

  • MZ - damping + hardness/preload adjustment gas-pressured shock absorbers with preload adjustment.
  • DTG(MB) - hardness/preload adjustment Double Tube Gas (DTG) shock absorbers, filled with both nitrogen gas and oil. Comes with a progressively-wound spring and dual chamber gas-hybrid system special to the DTG series. Non adjustable but firmer than stock springs at their hardest setting.
  • MO/MD - Hardness/preload adjustment, external gas reservoir. oil-pressured shock absorbers are an economically priced upgrade from the original items. Preload on the spring can also be adjusted to a few pre-set levels.
  • MX - damping + hardness/preload + height adjustment Premium range shocks, the main body of the damping reservoir is constructed using a high quality, anodised aluminium alloy with an external tank. The shock height, pre-load and damping are all finely tuneable for your needs.
  • ME - (damping + hardness/preload adjustment) gas-pressured shock absorbers. The 'ME-series' gas-pressured Emulsion shock absorbers are damped using nitrogen gas and a hydraulic oil. Quick damping response and high durability. The spring pre-load and damping are adjustable and the main body of the shock absorber is constructed with anodised aluminium alloy.


  • Product Model number: MZ506-300TR-38
  • Length (eye to eye): 300mm
  • Top (Width/diameter): 10x32mm
  • Bottom (Width/diameter): 10x32mm


KTM Duke 200/250/390


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